The “rough” results from using the IDEO HCD toolkit

“Create a digital environment for decision makers to be educated and engage with Ascesis”


The resultant system designed from using the IDEO HCD toolkit. This would run parallel to the normal kinds of marketing run from digital agencies such as social media marketing, advertising, PPC etc.

Ethics governor

This will be the overriding set of guidelines and rules to which we work and cover anything we publish under Ascesis name. This page will be available with the base or blog. This is there for a number of reasons, first it demonstrates a particular value to our prospective clients and users as they can recognise that we take things seriously and are prepared to stand by our content. It will also act to create trust with users as they can see at a glance what Ascesis stands for. The key here will be using ethics and morals which are particular to Ascesis and not just corporate nonsense and then rigidly enforcing it across all of the content.


This is central area from which all else can be located. Acting mainly as any normal blog or home page, it is to offer a light touch to users so they can at a glance see our content and view what they desire without having to wade through unwanted content.

Live articles

Live articles are the content we have available on the base instead of a normal blog post. These are articles we have written or are currently researching. Featuring information on whatever content we deem necessary to publish. They are called live articles because they will each be editable by us and our collaborators and display the results from the access/data articles.

By staying live they are constantly updated so maintain their high quality and remain useful to active consumers who are looking for the best up to date information. They can demonstrate value to users by updating the results they show through the data we feed them so users can get real time feedback about information they are searching for and help build trust by allowing our contributors to have a limited editing ability helping us QA our own work and hopefully drawing in expert opinions.

Access/data articles

These are live documents which will display their results on the live articles. To access these the user will need to create a profile or fill in a data form, this data will then go into the results and be part of the overall published results. This captures data for Ascesis but also gives the user a look into the insides of the information creating bonds of trust and demonstrating the value of the article.

Locked Articles

These are simply older articles which no longer have accessible access or data articles

Search and locate

This will be a service offered from Ascesis designed to make Ascesis part of the search pattern of users. We will act as a middle man when a user is searching for a particular topic by gathering the normal data which would come in a search but digesting for the searcher into easy to understand and most importantly applicable manner to the user. So rather than them looking through ten articles on various sites about SEO ad trying to figure out its benefits for them, they ask us to do it for them for free. This demonstrates out value to the active consumer, and by keeping contact details to a minimum keeps to a comparatively light touch, as the information they are asking for is possibly more important to us than simple company demographics for the marketing or sales team.

As a plus all the data we locate here can worked directly into articles for the future, The major downside to this function is its lack of scale ability without a dedicated team, meaning once it became popular it would either have to be automated, have a team dedicated to the service (Budget ably difficult) or scraped.


These are people who decide they do not wish to just read our content but want to see how it created or help with the research to receive greater insights and be listed in the actual articles as contributors. These will be a mixture of potential users and also professionals or experts on the subject we have invited to help create the content, where this is the case it will be stated to ensure trust and transparency. This would also be were much of the data would happen as well as the engagement.


The “rough” results from using the IDEO HCD toolkit

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