Thoughts on using the IDEO human centered design toolkit.

My use of the toolkit was admittedly outside of the normal usage. I was working in a team of one rather than many with little outside input and little budget or resources for research. It also used a compressed time scale but I did make sure to keep the ratios fairly equal between hear and create. I also omitted the deliver section as I simply didn’t have the time or resources to sink into that part of the development and felt that it would be better suited to explore other areas for this part of the project.

By following the HCD method I originally envisioned having a finished product designed. However I found it lends itself far better to the system design rather than final designs of UI or UX. It is ultimately a function over form design toolkit. This has meant that it is an excellent tool for the beginning stages of development of a project as its way of looking at people and trying to create an artefact or design which works for them provides a great base for many applications. However it feels like towards the end of the designing you need to fall back on other methods of software design.


  • Excellent for gather an overview and insight into the needs of the end user.
  • Great for idea generation.
  • Encourages thinking out side of the box
  • Provides insights you don’t see from outside of the design problem
  • Encourages you focus your thinking.
  • Makes sure you create for the user above all else.


  • Impractical without a team or dedicated space.
  • Some elements are very time consuming.
  • Not focused on software design.
  • No real focus on aesthetics or user experience.
  • No aesthetic design elements means I need to find a way of doing it myself.

Moving forward I will research into way I can fill in these holes in order to use the human centered design methodology on the creative project. By focusing on the weaknesses I have I identified I will create a new design document to work from which I will use for the creating of the creative project.

Thoughts on using the IDEO human centered design toolkit.

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