Artefact redesign redesign

“making my own way”


As I have developed my understanding of both human centered design and other theories and concepts which I am hoping to incorporate into my artefact I have hit upon the notion that the HCD tool kit which I have begun using to redesign the Ascesis blog is unfortunately no longer fit for task and is also does not fit my personal use in many cases requiring large teams and large amounts of unattainable data. While the core concepts are still completely valid it misses out on many areas which are vital to the outcome of the creative project.

This has given me the idea to shift my focus for the artefact away from the redesign of the blog and towards the possibility of redesigning the actual methodology and creating a toolkit of my own which takes into account many of HCI, IA, UX, UI, activity theory, cybernetics and cyborg, theories models and concepts I have been grappling with to create a web design focused document which can brought to bear on any future projects, in particular the creative project.

I will use the IDEO toolkit as a starting point for the creation of the toolkit. Following its format and layout where it makes sense but working in the other concepts I wish to be a part of the methodology. By doing it this way it allows me to tailor the toolkit specifically to my needs for the project and also should results in a better quality outcome when it is used. I will then compile the information into a step by step process and produce a design documents which will be used for the creation of the creative project in the second part of the unit.

Artefact redesign redesign

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