Activity centred design Toolkit

The hear phase of IDEO’s human centred design toolkit was where I first encountered many of the issues which I have been trying to correct since beginning the project.  I was aware that I would need to alter some of the various aspects of it to better suit my needs. However the more I worked through the hear phase the more I was coming a lot a lot of small problems which I couldn’t solve with just small tweaks. The problems where even more exaggerated the further into the toolkit you delved. While it is a great and very useful piece of kit for particular groups it just didn’t suit my needs. The largest whole was the fact that much of the work is highly team based and collaboration focused. While I would be using other people every now and then the majority of “grunt” work within the project would just be performed by me with on experts and specialists used where they needed to be used.

This is what originally led me to start researching other ways of going about the design process but which kept to the ideals of the IDEO toolkit, designing for the user and doing it well. My next step will be to start placing all of the various pieces of information I have gathered into their own design methodology which I can use for my creative project. I intend on creating a design toolkit in the same vein as the IDEO toolkit but specialised to my needs and other web designers and developers. I now intend to produce one which will fix this weakness.

  • Impractical without a team or dedicated space.(Allowances for smaller teams of solo work by factoring in different phase to make up for lack of specialists.)
  • Some elements are very time consuming.(Using activity theory and core affects to speed up hear and early create phase)
  • Not focused on software design.(Working in phases for IA,UI and UX)
  • No real focus on aesthetics or user experience.(Material design)
  • No aesthetic design elements means I need to find a way of doing it myself.(Material Design)

All I need now is a name for the new design toolkit.

Activity centred design Toolkit

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